Grid energy storage with electric vehicles

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Electric vehicles will form an integral part of the future electricity system, so we need to be prepared for the effects they produce. The additional load caused by these vehicles will have a significant impact on network voltages, but by rescheduling the charging cycles, sometimes by charging back from vehicles to network, these effects can be reduced.

My task was to map the voltage variations caused by electric vehicles in the low voltage districts and to give possible methods to regulate these changes. I started my paper with describing the possible problems caused by electric cars and with briefly outlining the standard values of today's energy system and traditional voltage controlling methods. After that, I characterized the types of electric vehicles, and presented various clusters for today's charging technologies. After that, I raised the issue of electric cars as energy storages, and gave estimations of the physical parameters of such storage. I have presented several regulatory models, and I have also demonstrated the simulation of the operation of such a regulation by modelling both a centralized and a distributed parameter model.


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