Network Failure Detection for Android devices

OData support
Dr. Vida Rolland
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The aim of my thesis is to create a measurement researcher network's (ICT DroidLab's) basic functionality on the Android mobile platform, which enables researchers to create and run their automatized tests on devices attached to the network, and additionally, to guarantee that researches can retrieve and collect all measurement data from devices for further analysis.

Since we're collecting data from the user's mobile device, some of which might be sensitive, it is essential to guarantee that the framework runs only the code that was written by trusted researchers. It is also important to solve that no third-party receives these datas. The framework must have the ability to supply an interface to other test networks so it can be a part of a bigger, cross-border research and analysis project.

I also aimed to design and implement a so-called plugin for the ICTDroidLab framework that collects data from mobile networks (2G, 3G, LTE), and also detects any network errors on such networks. The plugin is capable of detecting and displaying such cases when mobile network is not available. Any collected data is stored and is displayed within the application so the maintainers of the networks can later analyse them.


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