Network-aware VM placement in OpenStack

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The new 5G systems currently under development promise a very low latency for their users, to be able to deliver this feature, it is needed that the services are provisioned and placed dynamically in the sytem.

At the same time network element virtualisaion is spreading across the industry, which makes the delivery of services a lot more dynamic and immediate, but this creates problems because the future usage is hard to forecast, the system is always changing, the services do not have a fixed place.

First I will go through the concepts of Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualisation, which are needed to handle these fast paced network changes, then I'll examine how OpenStack and it's components (particularly the VM scheduling parts) can be changed and tested.

My goal is to show how OpenStack can be extended to be able to handle latency and bandwidth information when provisioning new VMs using the Nova Scheduler and Heat, and to examine what are the possibilities to acquire such networking properties of the system.


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