Development of Intelligent Network-based Gas Measuring Device

OData support
Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Industrial data acquisition have been being developed at the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics for a long time. The UNICAL data acquisition system – that was developed in the last two years – can perform the high-quality measurement of the heat of hot water, steam and natural gas through its connectable measuring cards. However, these cards were developed according to functional classification what can cause an increase in the costs of the mentioned measurements. Therefore there was a need to develop an universal input module, which is able to reduce these costs. In addition, there was an other need to achieve the measurement process of the gas volume measurement on the hardware kit mentioned above.

The basics of the measurement are the UNICAL data acquisition system and the UNINP measure card which was developed by myself. This input module can measure 4 thermocouples, 4 analog current inputs and 2 frequency inputs. The software calculates the measurands based on the theory of orifice flow measurement and on the theory of calculating the compressibility of natural gases included in the AGA-8 standard.

In my thesis first I introduce the theory of the orifice flow measurement including the relevant parts of the AGA-8 standard, after that the UNICAL and UNINP equipments, and after all the virtual programs that calculate the necessary measurands.


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