Model-Based Network Interface Generation

OData support
Dr. Semeráth Oszkár
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Today’s widespread cyber-physics systems help to solve problems in diverse areas of our lives, ranging from self-guided vehicles to production lines. They include software and hardware units, which observe their surroundings, and respond to them, to com-plete their tasks. Model-based software design is a well-established custom in comput-er science, which results in higher productivity and better quality work.

There are currently few available modelling tools currently, which can design cyber-physical systems, that can be described with state-machines. The description of the communication and the associated interfaces between the components is inconvenient.

The purpose of my thesis is to solve this problem. I extended an existing state-machine engineering tool for this task. The connection and the communication between the components is easily solved this way.

I have prepared a modelling method that gives me a formalism to the description of cyber-physical systems with state-machines. Additionally, I have created a code gen-erator for the modelling language, which generates a runnable Java program. I will demonstrate the operation of the code generator through a case study and then check the accuracy of it with tests.

With the help of this extended modelling tool, it is possible to create modular, easily modifiable cyber-physical systems, that can be described with state-machines. There-fore, the application can be automatically generated. With this tool, it is easy to recon-figure the system, and it also comes with improved maintainability.


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