Quality Analysis Methods of Networking Media Services Through Processing Raw Traffic Data

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

As the topic of my thesis I chose the design and implementation of such a software package, which enables the simple monitoring of the today’s popular IPTV systems. My purpose was to create an easy-to-extend data processing system, which allows the observation and processing of QoS (Quality of Service) parameters for networking media services.

In my thesis I examine the operation of IPTV systems, especially the transfer-technology methods and the used protocols. I present the structure and process of the monitoring application in detail. Testing of the tool was carried out by several previously saved packet capture which I sampled in the junction of the access and the aggregation network, namely in the uplink of DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer). This raw data file contained all the time-stamped traffic that went through under the data collection.

Firstly, I sort out the multimedia and data traffic then I split the multimedia part further into flows because it is worth to examine the qualitative parameters according to sessions. I tested the system through many of these sessions and I calculated delay and packet loss. In order to expand its capabilities, I specified several measurable parameters, which are obtained from the header fields of certain protocols, and the complex measurements from them which result in instantaneous and averaged values of certain indicators. Such as the minimum and maximum of bitrate, the number of RTP sequence errors and the number of duplicated packets.

By implementing the application I tried to remain platform-independent, so I designed and used software components which are feasible also in Windows and Linux operating systems. In the course of my task I endeavored to collect as much knowledge as possible, so I used and became familiar with three kinds of programming philosophy (through languages C++, Perl, and batch processing).


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