Automatic monitoring of the topology of networks

OData support
Dr. Do Van Tien
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays rapid growth of computer networks makes the count of network devices rise. Various devices appeared from different vendors, thus making a heterogeneous, complicated mesh network. Managing these devices at real-time is one of the biggest tasks. In this diploma thesis a new, effective framework will be implemented, which can capable of managing network devices.

First I will talk about the need for managing network devices in a corporate network and the applied methods used for managing these devices.

Then I will make a comparison of today’s management applications about effectiveness and their functions.

I will demonstrate several different method and algorithm for real-time monitoring of network devices and for discovering automatically the topology of networks.

I will implement the previously mentioned framework which can capable of making topology map from monitored devices.

And at last I will present the framework's functions and I will test these functions in a real network environment.


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