Transient analysis program in power systems

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Becker Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The chosen topic of my dissertation is laying out and implementing an evaluation computer program that is useful for testing transient phenomenas in power systems. The chosen electrical measuring instrument, the TR21 transient registering epuipment is mounted with a built-in evaluation program written in Pascal, that however includes number of constraints (for example power and graphic constraints). My task was writting an evaluation program that is useful for reading and visualizing data measured by the TR21 transient register. It has got to be mounted with functions necessary for evaluation. All this has to be implemented by using modern technology and flexibly maintainable architecture. It was an important consideration for average users to be able to run the application, process and evaluate the measured data on their own computers.

My dissertation consists of three main parts. In the first part I present the main types of transient phenomenas in power systems as well as the reasons and the effects of their formation. In the second part I present the conditions of examining each phenomena, charactelistically the decisive role of duration, bandwidth and signal shape. I present the TR21 transient registering equipment and proof its suitability of recording transient phenomenas. In the third part I present the design considerations of the evaluation program, the program specification, then the main steps of the implementation concerning important funcitons and solutions. At the end of my dissertation there are my program evaluation and critical analysis. Eventually I made proposals related to continuing development of the application.


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