Implementing a network management library for PowerShell

OData support
Dr. Micskei Zoltán Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

We often say that command lines are outdated and uncomfortable tools, however they have an important role in system administration, where automation and scriptability are essential and using graphical interface is not an option.

Although, this efficiency does not come with comfort: today’s command lines are typically string-based and this causes difficulties in processing their output. This was about to change with PowerShell, a new, fully object-oriented scripting environment based on .NET framework.

In PowerShell we do not have to use external programs, because its commands are part of the environment, and we are also able to extend it with some custom commands.

The purpose of this thesis is to design and implement a PowerShell add-on which could replace current command line tools and provide the advantages of PowerShell like easier output filtering, pipelining or user-friendly help. Latest editions of Windows already offer extensive networking functionality, but older versions are still in need of it, which is a great reason to create such an add-on.

First of all I introduce basics of PowerShell and current networking command line tools, which is followed by chapter Designing with designs of the data model and the interface of the extension. The structure of the add-on has two layers: an upper one provides the user interface and a model which contains the core functionality. The Implementation chapter presents both layers, while int he Testing chapter I present tests on the finished add-on. The Appendix contains a short user guide for the newly developed module.


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