Network dimensioning in cellular mobile systems

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Knapp Ádám
Department of Networked Systems and Services

I got truly familiar with the operation and structure of cellular mobile systems during my studies at BME, however, I have always been interested in these technologies and their realizations. The focus of this paper is the planning of the 4th generation cellular mobile networks, with all its challenges and difficulties. Currently, I am also an intern at Magyar Telekom Nyrt. and my tasks are closely related to the topic described above, hence in my fortunate position, I had the chance to gain hands-on experience as well.

In the course of the literature overview, quite surprisingly, I did not find any paper or study that would cover the problem of network dimensioning entirely. To elaborate a system such complex and even usable in practice, the only opportunity is to collect each relevant part of different studies and combine them with the knowledge that can be found at the operator. In Chapter 3, without attempting to be comprehensive, I present the already used specialized literature and also those that could be beneficial in the near future, yet the whole literature overview was much more extensive.

In summary, my task was to create a framework in MATLAB that can be used to simulate a given area, on that area model users whose positions are determined by some kind of probabilistic distribution (uniform or Gaussian), to analyse the alteration of wireless circumstances, to set up a quality constraint that has to be guaranteed for all users and as a result, the framework produces a possible base station layout that fits all requirements. The foundations of the model were provided by the scientific paper described in section 3.1.

In the current phase of development, the program is able to simulate different scenarios according to the assumptions in the paragraph above. Nevertheless, the development will not stop, hence the main objective is to produce an environment that can be used effectively on a regular basis. As an intern, my duties mostly consist of upgrading and fine-drawing this project.


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