Applying network computing methods in electric power system control software

OData support
Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The safety and professional control of the power energy system is indispensable due to the consumers’ qualitative expectations. The stable infrastructure of the power energy system, the excellent working of the network controlling software and the prepared dispatchers are all need to achieve this goal.

I introduce the general structure of supervisory control and data acquisition system called SCADA through the system of Prolan SCADA network. The SCADA based network controlling software serve many functions for the dispatchers what makes the controlling secure and easy to use. The descriptions of these functions are represented in the next part of my work. In the following part the topology analysis function is under inspection furthermore its theoretical background, the necessary database model, the applied algorithms, than the comparing of the used algorithms are shown. Examples show how functions can help to operators. As a final part of my work the opportunity of the integrity of an additional functions, called state estimation to the present system were analysed. I have started working on this function, but due to the theme’s hugeness this project will be shifted for the next semester.

During the semester my work was contained literature evaluation, software architecture design, mathematical model development and software implementation, thus finally the parts of the projects compose a complex work.


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