Software Tool Implementation to Demonstrate the Methods of Voltage Control

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Dr. Divényi Dániel Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The subject of my thesis is to implement software in EXCEL/VBA environment which is capable of demonstrating the methods of voltage control and calculating the voltage profile and short circuit power on a middle/low voltage radial network containing 1 high voltage supply point. The starting data have to be given on a Excel worksheet and final results have to be interpreted from a worksheet as well after running the VBA macro. The software calculates the domineering voltage profile and gives also the short circuit power to the different rails. Discussed voltage control methods modify the transfer of the transformers by a scale shifter, compensate the serial imaginary impedance of the wires by adding a serial capacitor, and reduce the reactive power of consumers by installing a parallel capacitor near them. Network topology can be created by using a maximum of 8 rails; the network element being between 2 rails should be transformer or transmission line. Parallel capacitors and consumers have to be assigned to rails, and serial capacitors have to be inserted to transmission lines. Dealing with transmission lines with multiple systems (which can be regarded as a voltage control method too, concerning that it will influence voltage drops) can be done in a simple way by changing the total impedance of the wires. Up to further development the software would be able to generate scripts or would be suitable for educational purposes in case of publicity since it is good for practicing network calculation. The program uses the principle of superimposition and the method of counting with relative units known from power system engineering.


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