Planning and Analyzing of Digital Equalizer on TMS320C5515 eZdsp Board

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Dr. Mihajlik Péter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Digital audio processing is one of the most significant means of sound recording and reproduction. It has contributed a lot to the development of studio recording technology. Although equalization is not a result of digital audio processing, it is the most widely used method of sound processing. The equalizer is a device used for equalization and its purpose is to improve the quality of, or creatively alter the music by amplifying or attenuating the frequency bands of the sound.

The thesis endeavours to present both the theoretical and the practical aspects of the topic. On the one hand, it provides a detailed study and presentation of the devices used in digital signal processing relevant to sound recording and reproduction, and an introduction to equalizers. On the other hand, in an attempt to put the theory in practice, a digital equalizer will be designed, implemented and analyzed. Additionally, my thesis aims to provide a description of the TMS320C5515 eZdsp USB Stick, and demonstrate the main steps of the designed equalizer software.

The software designed is not an innovation, rather an in-depth study of an existing technology, and its systematic redesign.


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