Determination of the Load of Controlled Consumer Groups

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Dr. Raisz Dávid Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Economic factors heavily influence the energy sector. Like any other industry, the energy sector also has to take advantage of all opportunities to be more efficient and share its resources as efficiently as possible. This aspect was strengthened in the 1970s and has also held in focus since then by energy market participants. The following thesis follows this way of thinking. We are looking for ways to ensure that energy production and usage needs converge. The goal of energy producers and distributors is a more predictable and smoother consumption. On the other side, consumers’ important aspects are: reliability and availability. For both parties the background is formed by economic factors and convenience.

My thesis aims to look for a common denominator which evolved over the years. It highlights one aspect of Demand Side Management (DSM), namely Direct Load Control (DLR), from both a theoretical and technological point of view. After studying the background of the situation in Hungary, I focus on analyzing real cases and present the operation of the DLR system. I give a review on the possible impact of influencing consumers on the system load, and I examine a real feeder by trying to estimate its controlled load.

At the end of the thesis I present my observations, the results of measurements and calculations and the conclusions drawn from them. The purpose and extent of this thesis is not enough for a comprehensive examination, so in the closure I present proposals for further investigations and their effects beyond the subject matter.


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