Sound radiation of the piano sound board

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Dr. Fiala Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The theme of musical instruments could be approached in several different ways. On the one hand they can be considered as their original function; and are used for making music, without understanding their behavior. However, from the beginning, many people were interested in the physical structure and the sound production mechanism above the empirical properties. Most of the musical instruments were formed by observations, and precise explanation to their function was found later. In the case of physical approaching basically two fields can be examined. First the method of sound production, how the sound appears from the effect of an external force on the instrument through each part; and secondly the radiated sound field of the instrument and the way it is created.

My thesis is about the examination of the sound radiation of a piano and its modeling. I made the examination in an open space, and it lasts from the force on the soundboard to the sound field created by it, which does not include the process between the pressing of a key and the appearing of the force on the soundboard. Since the space is considered to be open, the reflections are not part of the model.

In the first part of the dissertation I discuss the model, which is necessary for the determination of the soundboard's response to the excitation on it; and the method I used for computing the model. In this part I introduce my soundboard-model and a method that facilitates the calculations.

In the second part I present the model for describing the sound field that is created by the particle displacements on the soundboard, and a method that helps

its application. In this part the model of the piano body and the soundboard in it were needed.

In the final section I present the entire system, including the detailed documentation of my whole model; the presentation and the evaluation of the results.

In the end of this work I suggest some possible way of developing my model and making it more accurate.


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