.NET based backand services of an audiobook reader application

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays audiobooks’ popularity is continuosly growing. Lots of them can be found on the internet and there are a huge amount of them for free. It can be explained by more reasons. On the one hand audiobooks don’t need the full attention of reading a book and we can easily bring them with us without carrying the weight of a normal paper-based book. On the other hand Internet is growing its popularity too.

Windows 8 appeared recently, which provides a common platform between computers and portable devices. This step brought significant changes in the new operating system of Microsoft. The common platform means common development too because once an application is written then it can just be used on different devices.

Incorporating the two subjects eventuate the topic of the thesis, which is an audiobook player on Windows 8 platform. Within the subject the major role goes to the background services on server side because the development goes in a three-person project, so I am not the only developer of the application.

The application is developed according to the new design principles coming with Windows 8. We use the languages C# and XAML on the client side. On the server side we use C# too and we have chosen another technologies from the .NET framework.


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