Audiobook application on Windows Phone platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the rapid progression of information technologies, activities such as reading paper-based books are increasingly neglected. There are several alternatives for reading on certain devices. In spite of that, the demand arises for a more convenient solution: listening to audiobooks. It also provides accessibility features and learning opportunities that go beyond convenience. However audio books are nothing new, listening to them on different devices gives the users more alternatives, and new challenges to the software developers at the same time.

The audiobook reader application that was created within the confines of this degree targets Windows Phone 8 platform. In several aspects it tries to go beyond the applications that are already on the market. The client application that runs on a mobile device is using the Department’s own service, which collects audiobooks from different public sources and offers them for use in an integrated form. The client application is responsible for providing a good user experience by taking advantage of the specificities of Windows Phone 8 platform. Therefore the application observes the principles of application design, defined by Microsoft, which covers both the handling and the appearance of the application. The focus is on features adapted to the user requirements, as well as on the intuitive usage. Keeping in mind that later on the application would provide even more features in an easily extensible way.

The degree scrolls through and specifies the used technologies such as WCF, SQLite and the Windows Phone platform itself. It gives a detailed overview on the architecture of the client application, the details of implementation, the challenges incurred in development and solutions for the problems.


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