Perceived tonal contour compensated volume control

OData support
Dr. Márki Ferenc
Department of Networked Systems and Services

This thesis deals with volume control based on equal loudness curves. My aim is to create a software with such a volume control options which is capable of keeping the tonal contour unchanged when listening to the piece of music in different volume levels. My thesis presents the designing process step by step. Firstly, I deal with the behaviour of hearing depending on frequency and volume. I present how the change of listening level is in connection with the change of the tonal contour. The tonal contour compensated volume control offers a solution to the problem, which supplements the volume control with a correctional tonal control. I offer more possible options for bringing the compensational system into existence. With the help of estimating the need for rescources and quality analysis I choose the optional version. I design the filters with MATLAB for tonal contour compensation. Finally I demonstrate the graphic interface of the ready-made software. The software is capable of replaying a musical piece set at a certain volume, so that it compensates the tonal contour if the mastering loudness level is known.


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