Equalization by Distributed Intelligent System

OData support
Kertész Zsolt László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In today’s world it has been an ever accelerating evolution of electrical appliances and of customer demands in every aspects of life as well. Thus, growing quality requirements has been coming forward in the music industry too, nevertheless developers and producers endeavor to establish user friendly and easy-to-use constructions. These directives made up the basic principles of the automatic level control (a. k. a. autoEQ). This method, which is getting more widely used even by everyday users, enables anybody to adjust complex public address sound systems without having further qualifications or field specific knowledge. As the complicated decision making is done by an algorithmic based structure, this could cause such case, when results do not meet the requirements of the user. This is typically because the lack of enough sensors.

My task was to give a solution for this problem. The aim was to use level control over a wireless, distributed system. The advantage of this is that the system could be expanded with sensors with no restrictions, eliminating the problem described above.

In this document I intend to present the field specific knowledge and literature, then describe the measurements connected to my task, and the current state of the development.


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