Implementation of a wavetable synthesizer using SoPC system

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Szántó Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The aim of my thesis is to produce a sound synthesizer in SoPC system. The system comprises two main units: a digital sound synthesizer implemented in HDL language and a MicroBlaze soft processor core that controls it. This thesis presents the designing and functioning of the latter component, as well as its theoretical background.

To understand the functioning of the system, various sound synthesis procedures are presented, including wavetable synthesis which is also used by this system. The sound sample files essential to the wavetable synthesis are also presented. There are several standards of this sound sample file; I used the Gravis PAT file format, and that will be presented here. There is also a longer section dedicated to the presentation of MIDI files which produce more complex sounds and music using the aforementioned sound sample files.

The system will be realized on a single SoPC development board. This technology is also presented, covering the technology and standards of the board I use, as well as the description of the precise components of this implemented system.

I start the presentation of the development by processing the PAT files. This processing is done with a C program, and this code’s functioning will be the main subject here.

Following this the processing of the MIDI files is presented. The functioning of the program code is essentially the main subject here, as well as the presentation of the communication between the two systems.


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