The realization and compensation of a Wave Field Synthesis compatible loudspeaker

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Firtha Gergely
Department of Networked Systems and Services

During the last century endeavour has risen to improve the experience offered by multimedia to perfection. It has taken it’s effect on the development of acoustic systems. The operational principle of the market leading multi-channel sound systems is the recreation of surround effect in the - so called – sweet spot is based on the control of the intensity- and phase difference between channels. Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) on the other hand, is a technology that is capable of the recreation of any wavefield on an extended area by the application of a multitude of loudspeakers, driven by the proper operator.

Meeting with the expected requirements is necessary for the loudspeakers from the perspective of the synthesis. The dissertation presents these through the theoretical basis of WFS and with the help of MATLAB simulations. The conception of a WFS compatible loudspeaker will be described. Following the measurement and compensation of acoustic parameters of the prototype using digital signal processing.

Besides the successful creation of the WFS compatible device and the presentation of the process, the dissertation looks into alternative solutions for the concept.


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