Integrating a voice control technology into a warehouse management system

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

One of the main goal of a warehouse management system is to make the work of the warehouse labor faster and more precise, thereby saving on the operation costs. One way to make the work more effective is to optimize the information sharing between the user and the system, with technologies such as barcode scanning or RF identification.

For this purpose voice controlled technologies were introduced in the logistic chain in the 90’s, and this area has been developing rapidly since. The main benefit of these procedures is measurable, when it comes to goods picking. In this way the workers can communicate with the system in a natural way, and due to the „Hands-Free, Eyes-Free” concept, they pick faster and more accurate. They don’t have to hold the PDA tools in their hands, and don’t have to watch the screen.

In this paper I integrate a voice controlled hardware-software solution to an existing warehouse management system, and implement a voice enabled picking workflow. Then it is compared to the previous mobile workflow based on barcode scanning.

The aim of the technological integration is to not increase the complexity of the development task of a warehouse procedure in the system. It should be the same for the voice enabled and the barcode scanning workflows. However during the implementation of the voice process we always have to consider the specific requirements of the speech information systems.

The last part of the paper is focusing on the testing of the implemented system, including an emulator, that is used to substitute the voice controlled hardware.


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