Development of an inteligent home automation controler supporting speech recognition

OData support
Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In movies and series that take place in the future, they often show smart houses, which fulfil the owners request, adapt to the current internal and external environments, and can be remotely controlled. Today we have the technology and devices to implement such a home. We have all sorts of switches, sensors and other electronic devices that enable a computer to gather information from its environment and to influence it.

The problem is that even though the hardware is available, a variety of different, incompatible systems have evolved, so that cooperation among them may be difficult. Therefore we need such a central computer which is capable to control these various third-party tools, and can complete these devices' modest intelligence.

The goal is to create such homes which apart from serving their owners, they make sure to consume the least amount of energy. For example, if the system knows that nobody is home, then in winter it is not required to heat, or in the summer to cool above or below a certain level, so it can save energy without reducing the comfort level of the people.

In my thesis I examine what options are available to create an open and easily expandable home automation system, and plan and realize one.


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