Integration of low-level SW components and process model into the PIL simulation environment of chronic hemodialysis machines

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The thesis is about creating a simulator for a haemodialysis machine which is in development phase.

The purpose of this simulator is to make the verification of the software of the device easier and faster. The model of the simulator developed in MATLAB Simulink and is embedded into a PIL environment which means that the software is deployed to the microprocessor but it communicates with the simulator which is running on PC instead of actuators and sensors.

My task is to finish the model of the simulator and develop it in a way that it could respond with proper values to the software and to prepare the software of the device for the communication with the simulator. Because of the PIL method the communication between the simulator and the software is also need to be resolved. In this thesis I present the changes and improvements I made in the model and in the software.

I made a comparative measurement between the simulator and the machine at the end of my work. The results are good, the simulator simulates the machine with an acceptable margin of error.

One of the further goals of this project is to simulate physical parameters like pressures and flows more accurately. Other way of further development is to make the simulation of haemodialysis specific biological parameters possible in order to help testing more parts of the software.


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