Hardware and software platform for a ARM Cortex M core microcontroller

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Testing is very crucial at automotive embedded systems. In case of malfunction, human lifes can be risked. The testing starts at the developing phase. External tools are needed for testing, because the car is not available at this phase. The developers have the tools simulate the whole car’s communication system. Test towers are usually used for this. These towers have the required interfaces for the module test. One tower costs millions of HUF and requires competence. In most cases the car’s communication bus simulation and the tested module’s control signals are enough to run a test. For example the window lifter needs only the windows lifter switch signal. A handheld test tool can be executed this functionality. This tool has automotive communication interfaces, input and output interfaces, for example a graphical display with touchscreen. The tool’s price is much cheaper than a test tower’s price.

This thesis shows the design and the creation phases of such a test tool. In the first two chapters the required technological bases are being shown. In the other chapters the design phases are using these bases. After the design the implementation is being discussed in more details.

The created tool is not a target specific device. This is a platform which has automotive communication buses, input and output interfaces. The end-user can configure these interfaces for the target use. A software architecture has created for the tool. This architecture allows the high-level software development.


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