Three-tier application development with JavaEE

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

An inner or outer corporate system, what is well designed can greatly make the company’s workflow smoother, and make extra profit even in the short run, so the demand for these systems are increasing. One of many great benefits of this application is that it can automatise all administrative task in a company, saving valuable human resources, or it can expose the bussiness for the outer online work, giving more customers.

In my thesis, through the creation of an online web shop I will present the process of development for these kind of systems. In a structured manner, through every component, I am going to introduce all technologies used, greatly focusing on their practical application, and the communication between the components. The main base technology of this system is Java EE, which is a common server side programming platform, but I will show many other newer technologies, what will make the development easier.

My purpose is that this system can be used and managed by every user, who have even minimal computer knowledge, and to reduce high level mainentance for the completed application.


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