Design of the electric system in a three level family house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis includes the electrical design of a three-storey family house. Introduces the design process through a family house. The paper presents a performance assessment based on the assumption of an average family. After determining the power requirement, you can learn the steps of the voltage drop calculations and, depending on the different standards, you can select wire cross-sections. An important aspect during design is the protection of safety, the protection of human life, we can get a comprehensive picture in this thesis. Selection of contact protection modes, short circuit breakers, residual current device. Depending on the type of wire and the load, the exact type of these devices can be selected.

From the paper you can find out what the electrical disciplines technical description looks like and what the designers have to say. In addition, the thesis contains an economic estimate. You can see what kind of sockets, switchers, circuit breakers, wires have been installed, and choose the right one from the market. We collect these and determine the estimated material cost and budget plan. The thesis also mentions plans to be drawn up, including a design of a protective tube, a distribution plan and a swiches assignment.


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