Three-way audio equalizer with Bluetooth connection

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Dr. Timár András
Department of Electron Devices

The theme of my degree thesis is to make a 3-way equalizer. The input of the system is a Bluetooth modul.

During the search in this topic I found a lot of different solutions for this problem. Most of these solutions had 5 or more bands, and the widths of these bands were adjustable. I chose another solution, I designed a 3-way system with fixed width bands, but you can still adjust their amplifications.

In this essay I explain how I managed to create a system in which the maximum amplification of the bands is 12dB.

The maximum output performance of the power amplifier attached to the controller is 4.7W, with this the whole system can operate as a universal media player device.

Equalizers usually are just a part of an audio system with a power amplifier attached to them. I substituted this power amplifier with an IC.

The final system became a so-called hybrid equalizer-amplifier. When setting its parameters I had to take into consideration that the supplier of the input signal will be a Bluetooth module.


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