Development of a Three Dimensional Graphical User Interface

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Dr. Vajda Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Computers became a part of our everyday lives; people are using computer systems day by day. These systems mainly use two dimensional interfaces to communicate with the users, however there are many research aiming to develop three dimensional user interfaces.

During this thesis I designed and implemented a three dimensional graphical interface, which allows the user to navigate between files and run applications. The interface is trying to utilize the advantages the third dimension is providing us, allowing the browsing to be handier, besides it is spectacular, and enjoyable to use. The system is designed in a way, that later on the integration of any freshly developed application or module is easy. To create the view I used two projectors and Infitec passive three dimensional visualization technique based on color filtering, which is considered as a good quality visualization technique nowadays.

The interface has been attached to the middle layer of a three layered controlling architecture. Through this middle layer we are able to control the system with any traditional or alternative input device. For the testing of the interface I used an input system which is detecting the users hand gestures with a Microsoft Kinect, and generating the controlling signals according to that.

In the thesis after the literature research of the nowadays used three dimensional visualization techniques I will write about the structure of my program, and the details of the implementation. There will be a chapter explaining the connection with the controlling system, and at the end I will publish the test cases and the results of them.


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