Development of three-dimensional studio control software

OData support
Nagy István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Having video sequences of a moving scene (e.g. a dancing man) taken by cameras in different

positions, one can estimate the digitalized time-varying 3d model of the scene. Such a

measurement can be carried out in a special studio built in MTA SZTAKI.

These kind of equipments are broadly used in the movie and computer game industry,

and also utilized by researchers in the field of computer vision.

The overall process of the measurement is usually controlled by a software application.

The system should support a way to calibrate the equipment and to take and store the

video sequences. Besides, it should be a user-friendly application that helps carry out high

level functions while hiding low level ones (e.g. camera handling).

In my thesis I write down the complete process of the development of the application

system that manages the 3d studio in SZTAKI. After the specification of the problem I pre-

sent the planning, the implementation and the testing phases of the project. Additionally

I show some examples of the results achieved based on the measurement data.


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