Investigation of the insulation of a three phased power transformer

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The transformer is one of the most important part of the power systems. So the designing of the transformer requires paying attention, exact methods, high expertise and engineers can work in team. In Hungary only CG Electric Systems Hungary Zrt. designs and manufactures large power transformers.

In my thesis my task is the presentation of designing of the active part (winding, core) of a large power transformer, with expounding the necessary essential calculations. So I have to move out from the given specification which is formed by the need of the customers. Meanwhile I present the different types of windings and cores giving a general image about the possibilities of the designing.

If the layouts of the transformer is ready and the manufacture is completed, then the insulation system will be investigated by the different insulation tests. I demonstrate the different insulation tests can be find in the IEC standard which can be prescribed by the customer. There are tests which must be executed as standard without any costumer prescription.

The critical parts in the insulation of the transformer must already be checked during the designing. Todays, this can be easily done with the help of computer softwares. I checked the insulation with field calculation at two places which thought to be critical. I used 3 softwares to create an appropriate model, calculate and evaulation. The first software is the CadKey can be find in trade, which helps me to create and draw the model to be investigated and after the field calculation we can designate the critical ways with it. The second software designed by CG Electric Systems Hungary Zrt., MA138 has a DOS surface. The field calculation can be executed with this software. The third software is MathCad can be find in trade too, which we can evaulate the results and we can give them with functions.


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