Examination of voltage stresses in a transformerr three-phase network

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My thesis was born with the common support of Budapest University of Technology and Economics and CG Electric Systems Hungary Ltd. The CG company is the successor is the well-known Ganz factory, the manufacturer of the transmission transformers according the patent of three famous Hungarian electrical engineer; Miksa Déri, Ottó Bláthy, and Károly Zipernowsky from 1885.

The continuously growing demand for energy lead to increase the rating of the transformer and its transmission voltage level. In normal case the lifetime of transformers is 40 years or beyond. The insulation structure of the transformer must endure the atmospherical for instance lightning strike and operational over voltages. Therefore the designing and testing the insulation structure properly is vital.

My task was also to study the related literature and the technical specification from costumer. After that designing the active part of the chosen transformer, calculation the voltage stresses and then evaluation of this results.


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