Tranzient recorder for three-phase power systemsUNGN4R

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Becker Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I would like to present a computer-controlled transient recorder with digital signal processor dsPIC33FJ256GP710 for three-phase power systems.

At the first chapter I made some research on the products on the market. Afterwards there is a very brief summary about the trasients and the voltage parameters. I defined the basic requirements, these are explained in a specification. A functional block diagram delineates the structure of the equipment.

At the second chapter I made plans of the recorder that can be joined to the 0.4 kV low-voltage systems. After that I show the steps of the hardware design. The device hasn’t been produced, therefore printed circuit design and the implantation are not affected, although the several hardware components relevant to the design features are described (e.g. DC/DC converter, real time clock etc.).

In the third chapter I presented the essential algorithms to the operation of the instrument: mainly the method of how to registrate the measured quantities to CF card. Furthermore, there is a desription of the theoretical background of operation. In the course of development I tested the parts of my software by the help of a developer board.

The fourth chapter contains the summary, the opportunities for development in the future.


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