Study and implementation of control methods for a three-phased brushless DC electric motor

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In my thesis, after overviewing the Hardware in Loop and the Rapid Prototyping methods

for software development i present the Speeadgoat’s real-time target machine, which can

be used to connect simulations with real world hardwares and products. After that i use

this system to power a BLDC motor for deeper understanding of the machine and the

motor itself. This knowledge will be useful in future projects here at Robert Bosch Kft.

In the first half of my thesis i introduce these hardware and software based methods, and

the user interface of the Speedgoat’s target machine.

After that, i present the BLDC motors, the possible driving methods and the power

electronics for for the motor drive.

I use the available BLDC development kits at the company to deeper understand the

motor, and try to drive a said motor with my own algorithm. Sadly the development kit

malfunctioned so i could not preform the testing of my program.

At the end of the project i preform a simulation with a BLDC motor model to test my



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