Three Phase Brushless Motor Control without Rotor Position Sensor

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Schön András Dr.
Department of Electronics Technology

The goal of this diploma work has been to get knowledge in the main principles of sensorless position measurement techniques. Search for usable micro controller units from this area then choose one that fullfills the safety standards of the ThyssenKrupp Presta. Then the chosen method has to be implemented to the TKP system environment.

This work explains the basic principles of the sensorless rotor position measurement techniques for a permanent magnet synchronous machine based on the monitored stator voltages, on back electro magnetic field, on observer and on inductance variation. The available micro controllers with motor control based on sensorless position measurement method.

The first part describes the target of the diploma work, the Electronic Power Assisted Steering System developed by ThyssenKrupp Presta and the basic principles of sensorless position measurement methods. Overview of the different type of micro controllers, which are based on the sensorless position method.

The main part of this work is a study about the sensorless position measurement technique used by the ELMOS 910.68 gate driver unit called VirtuHall effect. The methodology what is used the permanent magnet synchronous motor inductance variations. An improved position measuring algorithm was implemented into the ThyssenKrupp Presta hardware and software environment. This implementation was tested and verified in industrial environment.


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