Design of a Hartmann-pipe test sytem and its application for demonstratios

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The phenomenon of dust explosion may unknown for an ordinary people, but not for the operators of dust industrial technologies. Cognition the reasons of the devastating phenomenon give continuously new tasks for the experts. Among the reasons of causing the explosions are frequent the electric discharges. The most important question about them is the biggest ignition energy, which won’t explode the explosive dusts.

To define the minimum of this ignition energy the Hartmann tube was invented. In my thesis I present the design and the build of one. The development of the equipment can be follow up on the next pages. In my work I describe the operation, parameters and the problems of the built and the construction of the measuring equipment. As well I try to find an appropriate technical solution for the problems occurred during the built and the problems will occur in the future development.

In the first part of my thesis I present the design and the build of the Hartmann demonstration device. Thereafter I define the main parts of the equipment and the connected technical solutions. I develop the necessary measurement programs for the various measure methods of the measuring device.


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