Development of a Six Degrees of Freedom Sensor System

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

A main point of the inspection of the vehicles is the measurement of vehicle dynamics. Dynamic measurement can reveal the flaws created by the inappropriate design, manufacture and aging. These measurements require the proper sensors, like an inertial sensor unit that measures the acceleration and angular velocity at a certain position. This allows the calculation of other properties like velocity, position and orientation.

The subject of this thesis is the development of an inertial measurement unit. To accomplish the task it was important to become familiar with the measurement units currently available on the market. It helped specifying the system design and selecting the appropriate sensors and other parts of the measurement unit.

The main part of the project was to create an application running on a microcontroller, that allowed the configuration of the system through the CAN interface, and sending the acceleration, angular rate, velocity, position and orientation calculated by the values from the sensor. To make the communication with a computer easier I developed a Windows application, that provides a graphic user interface for assembling and sending the required CAN message.

After preparing the necessary applications it is possible to analyze the values sent by the system and to compare it with other sensor units.


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