Investigation of measurement methods for determining efficiency of BLDC and DC motor controllers

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering


Nowadays the automatization and intelligent systems conquering more and more space in the automotive industry. The modern cars contain several electronic devices which provide the comfort and the safety of the driver and the passengers.

The climate blower is an important part of the vehicles. It also provides our comfort and safety in the car. It ensures the ventilation, the ideal temperature in the cabin, and it is responsible for the deicing and defogging of the windows.

The goal of my thesis is a method for efficiency measurement of the climate blower electronic control units, which is reliable, and reproducible.

To this end I did several measurements:

• I characterized the measurement errors of the oscilloscope what I used for the measurements.

• I did a simulation for some cases which are based on the measured errors and the datasheet of the oscilloscope. Through this simulation I got an image about the error propagation.

• I measured the efficiency of two control units which are made by Bosch, and I estimated the error of the measurements.

• I determined the sensitivity to errors of the measurements.

Based on the results of the measurements I proposed a method to increase the accuracy of the efficiency measurement, and for continue of the project.


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