Developing effective disk subsystem for OpenNebula cloud

OData support
Németh Felicián Bálint
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud systems are becoming more and more popular, because of their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Joining the MTA Sztaki’s private cloud project, I’m examining and developing the network-based storage subsystem of the OpenNebula cloud system in my thesis.

I describe the basic concepts of the Infrastructure as a Service based cloud systems, along with the techniques and protocols used in the implementation. This section is required to understand the planning and implementation of the storage subsystem.

The systems with different purposes have different load characteristics. I have made multiple measures in order to find the best network configuration for these different systems, based on a given hardware infrastructure.

After the measuring, I implemented and tested the so-called datastore drivers required by the different network configurations, and after that published the driver for the OpenNebula community, with the help of my consultant.


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