Resource optimization for WebRTC-based video streaming

OData support
Dr. Sipos Márton Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The present Thesis confers about the resource usage management on heterogeneous peer-to-peer video streaming. The results of many interviews show, that in case of using mobile devices the main point is the operating time, considering the user satisfaction index. The open source code of the Android BatteryTool application shows each harware elements impact on the power consumption. Measurements results presented in Dr. Kelényi Imre’s Thesis show, that with wireless radio, including WLAN and 3G, the higher the bit rate, the more energy efficient the communication is. In the possession of these informations, I present a resource usage management model. The implementation of this model is the DeviceBenchmarker library, written in TypeScript, which can be downloaded by the NodeJS package manager. The DeviceBenchmarker maps the hardware of the device through the Web API interfaces. The library uses the provided informations to calculate the score of the device, according to the model.

Furthermore, in the course of the Thesis I introduced measurements, which show the influence of the DeviceBenchmarker library in an existing P2P video streaming system.


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