Developing efficient location-based search algorithm for web application

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The internet has become part of our everyday life, it would be inconceivable to live without all the services it provides. A popular website has to be able to deal with huge numbers of visitors quickly and efficiently. The internet is the number one medium for real estate advertising, not using it is a great disadvantage - no matter if selling or buying.

That's why it's important to provide fitting solutions for the market participants. With this application companies and their agents have the possibility to advertise real estates, or search for the ones their clients are looking for. The application helps their job by automatically generating pairs of these and updating them on a regular basis. It uses up-to-date solutions and has a practical user interface with AJAX and Google Maps technologies.

In my thesis I planned the data structure and procedures, then developed the application taking the corresponding literature into consideration.

Keywords: WEB, application development, algorithm, MySQL, Symfony, AJAX


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