The design and implementation of a performant web frontend for a legacy RESTFul backend

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In today’s world of dynamic web applications it is especially important to create responsive and user-friendly sites. Page loading and response times should be suitably low, otherwise users lose their patience and turn away and we end up with an application nobody uses. Therefore it is important to pick an architecture that ensures minimal response times. It is also important to have a graphical design that makes our service usable from the end user’s point of view.

In my thesis work I contributed to the HEXAA SAML-based organization and permission management system. In my thesis I present the domain first, then the literature research I conducted on architectural and design patterns, technologies, caching mechanism and network latency effects on users. After I collected enough information I choose the architecture for the new version of HEXAA and explain my decision briefly. After that I present the limitations of the old HEXAA interface and present the new static interface that I created following a graphical design. I explain how I made the site dynamic and how the interface was populated with backend-side content. After enough elements of the site has been completed, I conducted measurements to compare the response times of the new and the old system. Finally, I end my thesis with conclusions and future work.


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