Calculation of Key Performance Indicators with Data Collection Systems in Industrial Environments

OData support
Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays it is getting more and more important for industrial manufacturers to make goods in more economical way. Because of the today’s economic situation it is necessary to improve industrial processes, increase the reliability of machines and in parallel to decrease manufacturing costs. To reduce the cost, it is essential to know the capitalisation of devices on manufacturing lines. In connection with the capitalisation and other quality features, the OEE evaluation process becomes as one of the best indicator. This system allows to decrease breakdown times, maintenance times, and to increase the efficiency of personal staffs.

The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a performance indicator, which calculates the efficiency of the production line or, the machines by using availability, performance and quality features.

In scope of my thesis I helped to establish a data collecting system at Heineken Hungary Plc, in the can filler factory. The system is able to identify the machine states and automatically categorise them according to the company’s need. The system gives the opportunity to redefine the states. Based on the collected data, the system calculates the OEE and OPI NONA (Operational Performance Indicator No Order No Activity) indicators and performs reports about them.

The manufacturing machines on the line are controlled by Siemens S7-200 and S7-300 PLCs. Because the S7-200 PLCs communicate via serial line, a MOXA RS-232-Ethernet adapter was deployed to make the conversion between the serial line and the Ethernet. The S7-300 PLCs are connected to the network by a Prosoft Messenger card.The data collection from the Siemens PLCs depends on their type. From the S7-300 the data is read by the Prosoft Messenger card and from the S7-200 the information is gathered by a service, running on the report making server PC. The collected and pre-processed data is sent to the PanelView terminals and SCADA PC and to the report making software.

During the work, my duty was to plan and implement the software of the PanelView terminals and the SCADA. I have also inspected the other parts of the systems, which I will describe in scope of my thesis.


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