Implementation of rear cross-traffic monitoring assistent function in automotive environment

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Today's autonomous trends predict that the highly automated driving is the future. In my opinion this future would maybe come later than lots of these manufacturers think.

Nowadays, many engineers are working on driver assistance function development at Robert Bosch Engineering Centre, in Budapest. Plenty of these functions are already built in currently running passenger cars, for example: automated emergency braking system, cruise control system, blind spot detection or pedestrian protection.

Some of these are using automotive radar sensors to classify and monitor objects in the field of interest. One of the radar based functions is the rear cross traffic assist system.

This feature helps the driver when he/she would like to leave a parking spot while driving backwards. The two radars, mounted under the rear bumper of the vehicle, are monitoring the zone behind the subject car. They are classifying the moving objects in this zone, and decide whether these are relevant or not. If the object's predicted trajectory would cross the subject car's predicted trajectory, the system warns the subject vehicle's driver.

In the automated version of this function, the car can issue a braking if it classify the situation as dangerous and without the braking the two vehicle would collide.

The task of Bálint Lakatos is to investigate if this braking function is realizable on our current platform or not. Check the effects of the safety level change, implement the new functionality and also verify the system's performance in different use cases.


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