Development of national process design kit for Cadence Opus 6 IC framework

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Dr. Bognár György
Department of Electron Devices

There is a complete MEMS compatible CMOS production line available at the Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. This type of technology is quite rare even nowadays. It makes possible to create special complex devices, where MEMS based sensors and the processing circuits connected to them are integrated on the same silicon chip.

However the scientific potentiality given by this technology could be used more perfectly. First there are not any circuit designers working in the institute. Secondly the measurement of the process parameters was not done till now, and without this work it is not possible to use modern CAD software while designing circuits using this technology.

That is because the design of integrated circuits (either analog or digital) requires more than some type of CAD framework. To make a correct physical design (so-called layout), we need to know the parameters of the foundry’s technology from the very beginning phases of the designing work. The way to implement a design to a CAD framework is writing a Process Design Kit (PDK). So a complete PDK contains all of the foundry-specific information we need during a design, written in a format that fits the given framework.

During my work I have made all of the measurements necessary to make a PDK, and I have developed the PDK for Cadence IC 6 design framework. With the possibilities given by the complete PDK, a strong cooperation can develop between the institute and the department. The institute gains a qualified circuit design background, while the students and lecturers of the university can acquire a rare design experience, because the ICs designed by them will be not only physical plans stored on a computer, but could be fabricated and later tested too, which is a rare opportunity in the studies of microelectronics.


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