Homework management system

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Renáta Erzsébet
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The portal can differentiate user groups: administrator, lecturer and student.

Students: can register to homeworks and presentations which subjects they attend. They can upload files for their homeworks, which files valued by the students' lecturers. The presentations will not be valued.

Lecturers: can add new homework which subjects they lecture. They can add homework specific or subject specific requirements for subjects. The subject specific requirements are valid for all homeworks in that subject. They can add presentations for subjects which they responsible for. They can value all of their lectured subjects' homeworks. If the required result paper can not exists, they can make a new one or can modify an old one.

Administrators: are lecturers too. They can add new users and new subjects. They can add new courses for all subjects. They can register students to courses, and register lecturers to subjects. They can make all of lecturers' tasks, but they can make it all subjects. They can log in with less privilege, in this way they can only make lecturers functions.

For students the portal available for mobile phones.


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