Home work management system based on PHP technology

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Renáta Erzsébet
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In order to increase the quality of nowadays’ education, that is very important to make the students’ and the teachers’ life much easier for example by outstanding IT solutions.

This is the reason, why I have started to work on an educational project, which makes their work more effective and helps them to save time, because they do not have to care about unnecessary problems caused by difficult to use or slow software implementations.

In my thesis I will introduce the reader to my project from the designing step to the creation of the final implementation and I will give you a very detailed description of necessary steps between these two phases.

The result of my work is a homework management system for universities or colleges, using the Neptun educational administration system, which makes the homework and presentation upload and management simpler for all users.

However, there are a high variety of educational support systems at these institutions with different authentication and authorization methods, my solution uses the students’ Neptun Codes as identifiers and due to this feature it can store data and authenticate users in a uniform and convenient way.

I presented in my thesis and also used during my work the Nested Set model, which is a particular technique for representing hierarchical data as relational tables, as a result these tables can be built dynamically, so the teachers can summarize the students’ homework points really fast.

Because the importance of security I did a very detailed research about the possible roots’ of the problems and I have developed complex solutions to eliminate these weaknesses.

For the development I used languages and technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and an open source application framework based on PHP, called Codelgniter.


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