Petcare aiding application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Mobile phones, the indisputable proof of our technological advancements, have become part of our daily lives in recent decades. From the adolescent to the elder inhabitants of our society, most of us find it preposterous to live without these devices.

Besides their original aspiration, to provide a portable communicational channel over large distances, they serve more and more purposes. Whether they are entertaining, practical or conventional functions, the idea to make them available from anywhere with only one gadget, has earned the support of the population and has been acknowledged as a fundamental attribute of phones and smartphones in the collective consciousness. These policies permitted to place product orders, pay debts, issue invoices, get to know new places, navigate or schedule our day independently of our geological location or other tools, only with our phone.

Still, between the myriad of services, applications are uncommon, that instead of us, focuses more on our pets, follow their lifestyle and keep the information, necessary to care after them, in one place. Sharing this data is also essential in case we are compelled to let someone else look after our pets, in case of a holiday or a working trip.

The goal of this thesis is to present the process of developing a mobile application that is widely available throughout owners and provides aid for looking after their beloved pets, whether it be the daily caring or an emergency situation. Since I am dealing with personal information, I have to take security measurements to earn the users unwavering trust and to prevent them from becoming victims of malicious data hunting. At first, I will dive into the technologies I used in my thesis, then I will design the architecture of the application, which will be followed by the implementation of the complete system including both the client and the server side. Finally, I will sum up the experience I gained through the development process, and mention a few ideas about how the application could be further improved.


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