Reconstruction of household electricity consumption based on machine registrations

OData support
Dr. Divényi Dániel Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The student’s task was to measure the electricity consumption of electronic devices in his own apartment, set up a model based on his measurements, make a comparison with the actual consumption values based on the readouts from the apartment’s electricity meter, and find an explanation to the difference between the values. Then, using his measurements and statistics concerning the measured devices, he had to implement a simulation model that can generate an optional number of samples of the daily consumption of households based on his measurements and general user habits, resulting in an average household consumption profile. Then he had to compare this average consumption profile to the actual household consumption profile published by electricity distributors.

For measuring, the student used two Voltcraft Energy Loggers provided by the university, while for evaluation, he used the Voltsoft Client software provided by the manufacturer, and Excel. He implemented the simulation model in Matlab.


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