Implementing home budget application for Windows Phone 7

OData support
Madari István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The objective of the thesis is to build an application that can manage our monthly expenses in an easy and clear way. The platform which the application will be built on is Windows Phone 7. The primary objective of this application is to plan our expenses in advance and when they actually occur record them. In order to provide more than a basic spreadsheet application can, there are built in support for collaboration (in form of groups) and recurring expenses to help the planning process.

The application makes monthly reviews on the user's expenses to give a better view of users' spending habits and to them to spread their income in a better way.

The main platform for the application is Windows Phone 7, but the implementation is not restricted to it. There is a web application that makes the mobile client complete. It goes against today's trends, because the mobile client is only an extension of the web application, but there are certain reasons why this decision had to be made. The planning process could be very long and with the limited abilities of a cell phone, it could have been painful.


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